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The FrontInov-InnaSCo joint Symposium is now scheduled for September 5th-7th 2023, Lyon, France.

The InnaSCo-FrontInov Symposium is a multidisciplinary forum dedicated to Innate Sensors and Inflammation. Organized by members of the Innate Sensors Community and the FrontInov International Research Network, this symposium brings together researchers from diverse fields centered on innate immunity and inflammation.

The symposium include two parts:

September 5th-6th: The InnaSCo symposium will cover recent findings related to inflammasomes, Type I IFN sensors, Nod1/2, ALPK1/TIFA, and TLRs in infection, cancer, and autoinflammation.

September 7th: The FrontInov symposium is titled 'Precision Medicine approaches to inflammatory pathologies: from Artificial Intelligence-driven discovery to model systems'.

Invited speakers:

Franklyn Zong, SG
Steve Renshaw, UK
Mathias Geyer, DE
Anna Kajaste, IT
Karim Majzoub, FR
Petr Cigler, CZ
Nadine Laguette, FR
Wojtek Cypryk, PL
Achille Broggi, FR
Sophie Ugolini, FR
Petr Broz, CH
Dimitrios Vlachakis, GR
Cécile Arrieumerlou, FR
Nika Abdollahi, FR
Gérard Eberl, FR
Samuel Bitoun, FR
François Leulier, FR
Frank Augé, FR
Tanaya Shree, US
Virginie Petrilli, FR

You will find further information including a pre-program by consulting our website:
Registration is now opened (deadline for early registration July 17th 2023).

Preliminary program is here

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lyon.